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                                                                     Articles and Fiction

“The Spectral Pipe Smoker”. The Pipe Smoker’s Ephemeris. Winter/Spring 2004.

“It’s in the Mail!” Writing Basics, a special issue of Writer’s Digest. March 2005.

“A Very Short Sherlock Holmes Mystery”. Happy. Issue #19. 2005.

“Don’t Push the Resurrection Button!” The Nocturnal Lyric. Issue #65. December 2005.

“Salsa!” The Nocturnal Lyric. Issue #71. November 2011.


I'm a writer based in mid-Michigan. I've written and been published in the genres of horror, humor/satire, in addition to doing historical research, which was my major in college and then as a graduate student. I'm able to carry out research and write on spec, in addition to proofreading fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. Contact me for a price on your project!

Jeffrey Dean Palmatier

Freelance Writer